Many people come to us after after finding normative counselling and psychotherapy unhelpful, or not right for them.

Armed forces personnel share a unique bond forged in adversity, and often, therapists just can’t relate or understand the person needing help.

Whatever your reason for seeking support, we are committed to ensuring you feel safe, valued, and have a confidential space to inspect your own mental environment.

Our person-centred approach to supporting veterans, is key to achieving positive outcomes.

We are able to support people across a broad range of experience, such as:

  • Sudden bereavement
  • Divorce/relationship closure
  • Serious breach of trust
  • Combat
  • Bullying/harassment
  • Personal injury
  • Road traffic collision
  • Violence
  • Childhood sexual exploitation
  • Rape
  • Natural disaster
  • Hostage situations
  • Near miss/close calls
  • Domestic violence
  • Significant business failure/financial loss

*Specialist areas of support include: Domestic Violence, Childhood Sexual Abuse, Suicide, Rape, Violent Crime & Terror Attack.

Recovery programmes are developed in partnership – empowering you to address the issues that are of importance to you…

From a person-centred point of view, our facilitators will always follow your lead and help you look at what it is that you believe to be at the root of your issues – empowering you to achieve recovery from the very outset.

In order to assure ourselves that our approach is truly person-centred, our facilitators abide by the following principles:

  • We do not interpret
  • We do not judge
  • We do not reveal or use anything said to us in a session for any purpose except to enhance recovery
  • We guide the sessions and take complete responsibility for it without dominating or overwhelming
  • We will be interested in  you, instead of being interesting to you
  • We always maintain a firm and primary intention to help
  • We make sure that you are in optimum physical condition for the session
  • We make sure that the session is being given in a suitable space and at a suitable time
  • We will act in a predictable way so as not to surprise you
  • We work with your willing engagement to ensure success, and never try to work with someone against that person’s will or in the presence of any protest
  • We keep everything within a session directly conducive to the recovery process.
  • We never interrupt
  • We carry each session to a success, and never leave the client at a point of failure or incompleteness.

For more information on how we can help you please contact us